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How To Buy

Protect your JETTON tokens (TOKEN) at the OTC sale stage using BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT

1. Select the amount

Enter the currency and the amount you want to exchange for $JETTON

2. Choose the period

Choose the freezing period (Cliff+Vesting)

3. Perform the exchange

1. Link you Tonkeeper wallet
2. Make the payment in your currency

4. Send cryptocurrency to the received address

5. The platform receives your cryptocurrency

6. Backend sends JETTON

We send authentic JETTON to the root contract

7. Root contract deployes a wallet

After receiving the authentic JETTON , the root contract deploy your promise wallet and sends the authentic JETTON to it.

8. You receive “Promise JETTON

You see the balance of your locked JETTON tokens in the wallet.

9. Click the “Withdraw” button

Withdrawal will be available when your tokens are unlocked.

10. Receive authentic JETTON

After the transaction is processed, you will receive authentic JETTON tokens.

Future Integrations

- IOS Apps

- Android Apps

- VK Games

- OK Games

- FB Games

- YA Games


JetTon.Games is a unique cross-platform solution built on the TheOpenNetwork technologies.

What makes JetTon stand out?

JETTON's own game utility token.

Slots, Live, Card games and everything that connoisseurs of games love;

NFT affiliate program.

Attract players and get NFTs for each player. Resell your profits on our marketplace;

Based on the TON blockchain:

The platform runs on the TON blockchain, providing high performance, security, and transparency of all gaming operations and results;

Telegram audience represents 900 million monthly users

It is expected that the Telegram audience will reach 1.5 billion active users by 2028.

The TON Foundation aims to attract 30% of active Telegram users to TON within the next 3-5 years.

JetTon Games Statistics

1kk+ spins per day

Our platform processes over 1,000,000 game spins daily, ensuring uninterrupted user activity worldwide.

1kk+ players

More than 1,500,000 users have joined our platform and play over 4,000 games every day.

20+ supported cryptocurrencies

JetTon supports over 20 cryptocurrencies, offering users a variety of options to top up their balances.

Easy way to buy JETTON with a card

A simple token purchase process in just 3 clicks.


Our token is released on the TON blockchain.

The entire token issue is secure smart contracts with a pre-programmed lock-up period and the end date of the vesting.

Token Parameters




TON, ETH (Soon)

Total Supply:

100,000,000 JETTON

TGE Date:


DEX Listings Price:


Vesting Period:

4 years

Total holders:

Tokenomics diagram

Fund name




JETTON Token Utility

Currency for deposits on the platform




Referral system



Monthly JETTON burn



JETTON Economy Games






Bonuses for deposits in JETTON



Cashback at JETTON



NFT Marketplace



Revenue Sharing



Our Roadmap

2023 Q2

Starting developing JetTon Platform

JETTON GAME token minted

2023 Q3

Play and Earn (Play games to get JETTON)

Listing on DEX DeDust

Listing on CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko

Listing on DEX STON.fi

Start Marketing start KOL's

2024 Q1

Telegram bot with tasks and rewards in $JETTON

Listing on exchange MEXC

Start token burn program

CEX listing

2024 Q2

Dashboard with full information about the JETTON token

Start of referral program with JETTON payments

NFT Marketplace Presentation

Releasing a game on the $JETTON economy

$JETTON on Ethereum: Burning 15 million tokens on the TON network

$JETTON on Ethereum: Issue of $15 million $JETTON on Ethereum

$JETTON on Ethereum: Listing on Uniswap and other DEXs

CEX listing

2024 Q3

Implementation of $JETTON deposit bonus

Cashback at $JETTON

Staking $JETTON on the platform

BuyBack Mechanism and platform exchanger

CEX listing

2024 Q4

Revenue Sharing for Holders and Stakers $JETTON

Burning $JETTON from platform revenues

CEX listing

You have questions,We have answers

What is the authentic JETTON?

Authentic token is a JETTON token that you can further use, trade, exchange and transfer.

What is the root lockup contract?

Contract capable of minting Promise JETTON when receiving authentic ones

What is the Promise JETTON?

A token given to the user as a guarantee of receiving authentic JETTON.

What is the Promise Wallet?

Enhanced JETTON smart contract wallet with token-locking functionality.

What is Cliff?

Cliff is a period during which tokens are locked in a smart contract and are not awarded to the user. The vesting of tokens begins after the end of the Cliff period. The duration of this period, as well as the parameters of the vesting period, are programmed in the smart contract and cannot be changed (Verified smart contract)

What is Vesting?

Vesting is a term that refers to a period of time during which tokens are partially locked in a smart contract and are awarded to the user over a certain period of time (until the date of full unfreezing). Our vesting is linear, tokens are unlocked evenly (every second) during the period from the beginning to the end of the vesting.

What is this project about?

The JetTon Games project is an innovative multi-platform gaming solution based on the TON blockchain technology. The essence of the project is to create a safe and transparent space for players where they can play gambling games using their own cryptocurrency, JETTON. This platform solves a number of problems related to trust, security, and restrictions in the iGaming industry, providing innovative solutions such as decentralization, a transparent rewards system, and integration with the Telegram messenger and other popular platforms. JetTon aims to become a key player in the world of crypto gambling, providing an outstanding gaming experience and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of users.

What makes the project unique?

The JetTon Games project stands out from other gaming platforms thanks to several key unique features:

Use of blockchain technology: JetTon Games is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology, which ensures transparency and security of the gameplay, and also allows for a decentralized platform. Own JETTON token: JetTon Games introduces its own cryptocurrency token JETTON, which gives players a convenient and secure way to participate in gambling and receive rewards. Integration with Telegram: The JetTon Games project is natively integrated into the Telegram messenger, making it accessible to a huge audience of users. Transparent rewards and NFT system: The platform provides an innovative affiliate rewards system based on blockchain and NFT technology. Solving security and trust issues: JetTon Games solves the existing problems of lack of trust in the gambling industry by providing a safe and fair gaming space based on blockchain technology.

These factors make JetTon Games a unique project that seeks to change the gambling industry.

Project history

The JetTon project was launched on August 1, 2023 by a team with extensive experience in the iGaming and affiliate marketing industries.

The idea of creating JetTon Games was born out of a desire to solve existing problems in the gambling industry and provide players with new opportunities. The team's task was to create a platform that would combine the world of cryptocurrencies and gambling, ensuring security, transparency, and enjoyment of the game.

Since the launch of the project, the JetTon Games team has strived to achieve outstanding results. One of the key steps was the introduction of its own cryptocurrency token JETTON. This token not only provides users with unique bonuses when playing, but also becomes a key element in future plans, including the implementation of staking and farming.

The project team is also actively planning to list the JETTON token on leading cryptocurrency exchanges to make it easy for a wide audience to access the token. One of the most ambitious plans of the JetTon Games team is to open the market for new projects among the huge audience of Telegram messenger users, which has over 800,000,000 million people. This step will create new opportunities and dynamically develop the gambling industry.

The JetTon Games project started its journey as an innovative idea and quickly grew into a unique gaming platform that aims to become a key player in the world of cryptocurrency gambling.


JetTon Games and its ecosystem are closely linked to cutting-edge blockchain technology, which ensures transparency, security, and innovative focus of our gaming platform. The basis of our ecosystem is the JETTON token, which is based on the TON blockchain - The Open Network.

TON is a next-generation blockchain that has gained widespread recognition for its unique characteristics:

Speed and efficiency: TON is designed to provide the highest performance and unlimited scalability. This allows JetTon Games to provide our users with instant and secure transactions.

Security: TON provides a high level of data protection, which becomes especially important for gaming platforms. All transactions and data on the JetTon Games platform are securely protected through the use of cryptographic algorithms.

Decentralization: TON technology provides JetTon Games with a decentralized environment that guarantees openness of the gameplay and partnerships.

How to use

JETTON token is not just a digital currency, it is a key element of the ecosystem. JETTON token can be used for several purposes:

To make a bet. Users use JETTON tokens as the unified gaming currency to participate in games on the platform. To receive a reward. The project offers a transparent affiliate reward system based on blockchain and NFT technology, and JETTON tokens play a central role in it. To participate in tournaments, promotions, and earn increased yield from providing liquidity.

JETTON token will ensure transparency and efficiency in all aspects of the gaming experience on JetTon Games. Thanks to the TON blockchain, the platform can provide unique, reliable, and engaging services for players. All this makes JetTon Games a safe and innovative gaming platform in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Development plans

The JetTon Games team has ambitious goals for the development of the project. We are focused on long-term success and further expansion of our own ecosystem. Here are the key plans for the near future:

1. Listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

We plan to list the JETTON token on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This will not only make it easy for a wide audience to access our token, but it will also highlight our commitment to creating a viable and liquid cryptocurrency.

2. Further development as a provider of games and payments.

We aim to become a comprehensive provider of games and payments in the iGaming industry. Our goal is to offer users a wide variety of gaming options and convenient payment methods, including the use of cryptocurrencies. We are actively working on developing and integrating new games and payment solutions to enhance the gaming experience and meet our customers' needs.

3. Capture the Telegram market

Telegram, with its vast user base of over 900 million people, presents a significant opportunity for the development of new gaming projects and expanding our audience. Our team plans to actively work on integrating and promoting JetTon Games within Telegram to attract new players and become a key player within this ecosystem.

JetTon Games has a clear focus on creating a unique and progressive platform. We take pride in our team and prioritize honesty, transparency, and innovative approaches as our core values. Our goal is to meet the needs of our users and continue evolving to maintain our leadership in the world of online gaming and cryptocurrency entertainment.